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Blackburn Architects was selected as the local architectural representative for the Oklahoma firm of Franfort-Short-Bruza on the $900,000,000 United Airlines Indianapolis Maintenance Center.  The project, located at the Indianapolis International Airport will be a world class aviation maintenance facility focusing on the airframes and engines of the United Airlines 737, 757, and 767 fleet.  IMC is located on 300 acres on the northwest side of the Indianapolis International Airport.  The facility includes hangers, airframe repair shops, engine repair shops and central facilities for on site utilities and site support.


Blackburn Architects provided design services for two structrures in this facility.  The first building designed by Blackburn and constructed on site was the Central Plant.  The airframe and engine product lines are supported by a Central Plant located near the hangers and engine shops.  The Central Plant provides the utility services for steam, chilled water, fire foam, and compressed air via a pipe rack system.  This facility is approximately 60,110 square feet.


The second structure Blackburn Architects provided design services for was the Controlled Materials Building.  This is an 11,900 square foot facility for the processing of the waste water from hanger washdowns and the store water runoff from the project site.  Included are oil separators and sludge removal tanks that recover these substances from the storm runoff from aircraft ramp and hanger areas.


The Commons Building houses all administrative offices, processing, security, conference facilities, as well as employee services such as a credit union, ticketing and cafeteria.  All buildings are connected by service corridors for pedestrians, materials and utilities.

United Airlines Indianapolis Maintenance Center Indianapolis, Indiana